All fantasies are possible with a silicone doll

There have been some innovations in the manufacture of silicone dolls recently, because the label of virtual reality emphasizes the beauty of sexy dolls. Men can't live without these magical sex dolls.

Dolls in different positions

When it comes to interpersonal communication, having sex with minors is a form of crime and may eventually be imprisoned. When it comes to sexual attraction, men are always considered animals. For rational people, they would rather choose a sexy doll than a forbidden date.

Today, you can find all kinds of silicone dolls. Some men are crazy about young girls. Some people like to see a woman's chest, some people like to see her ass, her head, play with her hair, etc. every man has the part of the woman he wants most. It is by observing the needs of consumers that manufacturers have invented a more special small real doll.

Characteristics of small dolls

The full-size doll has a skeleton structure that increases its weight. For this mini doll, they have no skeleton, only 15kg 140cm pure silica gel. Most of these little dolls look like Asians because they are considered small dolls in real life. The manufacturer only emphasized the chest, vagina and mouth to keep the doll's sexy label. She can satisfy any man who is looking for a young female college student to put on her bed. There are also some silicone gender accessories, which is a minimalist range. Men eager for sex can buy a bra, or only its tail, or only its mouth, etc.

For those who care about the budget, they can buy a mini doll for less than 500 euros instead of a real doll for 2,000 euros. Today, this fantasy of making a life with a doll can have a very serious impact in the future of humanity, this is what happens in Japan with men who refuse to marry a real woman.


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